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SCCC Ride Leader Guide 

Ride leaders make our club work. This one-page guide and a little bit of common sense will allow you to lead a ride that is safe and enjoyable. Plan a ride today! At least that way you can be sure there will be a ride you like on a time you can make it.

    1    Pick the ride

Choose one of your favorite rides or get a ride and cue sheet from one of these excellent sites.
Club Route Sheets 

    2    Plan the ride 

 a    Pick a date and time – Check the calendar in the Member's Area for open days

 b    Pick a starting location – This should be easy to find with parking 

 c    See if you can get a co-leader – This is a help, but you can often recruit someone on the spot 

    3    Publish the ride

Submit the ride online, and enter your CELL PHONE number:
Or call or mail it to one of the ride coordinators listed in the newsletter. For you write-up, follow the format that is used in the Newsletter. 

    4    Lead the ride 

 a    Before the ride: 

•    Print and bring copies of the Cue Sheets with your cell phone number 

•    Bring the Rider List / Release Form along with a pen. Have riders enter their cell phone number and bring it with you on the ride. 

•    If possible bring some extra water and snacks 

•    Bring a cell phone if you have one for emergencies. 

 b    At the start of the ride: 

•    Show up 15 minutes early & don’t leave until about 10-15 minutes after the start time. 

•    Welcome the people and have them introduce themselves. 

•    Have them fill out the Rider List & Release form with their cell phone number & hand out Cue sheets 

•    Describe the ride (Difficulty, speed, duration, regrouping if any, lunch and water locations) 

•    Assign a sweep. 

 •    Give the riders a short Safety discussion 

    a.    Everyone is required to wear a helmet

    b.   Head lights, tail lights and a rearview mirror are strongly recommended

    c.   A puncture repair kit (spare tube / patch / tire levers / Allen keys / C02 inflator)                  strongly recommended

    d.   Follow all the rules of the road (stop signs, traffic lights ...) 

    e.   Ride single file except off-road or on-road with no traffic 

    f.   Keep a safe distance 

    g.    Signal road hazards 

    h.   Water and snacks are important. If you have extras see if anyone needs some. 

    c    On the ride 

    •    Keep to pace listed & regroup occasionally and keep a headcount 

    •    Stop for lunch or snacks. 

    •    Have riders let you know if they want to ride ahead. Try to assign and experienced rider to go with them. 

    •    In case of accident stay with the rider if at all possible. Call or send others for help with time, location & accident description. Have them report back. 

    d    After the ride 

• Let them know about the SCCC club. Invite them to join & hand out cards if you have them.

5. Follow up

    a    Complete and return Rider List / Sign up Sheet 

    b    See how easy. Now Plan your NEXT ride ! 

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