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SCCC Ride Leader Guide 

Ride leaders make our club work. This one-page guide and a little bit of common sense will allow you to lead a ride that is safe and enjoyable. Plan a ride today! At least that way you can be sure there will be a ride you like on a time you can make it.

    1    Pick the ride

Choose one of your favorite rides or get a ride and cue sheet from one of these excellent sites.
Club Route Sheets 

    2    Plan the ride 

 a    Pick a date and time – Check the Web Site Calendar for open days

 b    Pick a starting location – This should be easy to find with parking 

 c    See if you can get a co-leader – This is a help, but you can often recruit someone on the spot 

    3    Publish the ride

Submit the ride online, and enter your CELL PHONE number:
Or call or mail it to one of the ride coordinators listed in the newsletter. For you write-up, follow the format that is used in the Newsletter. 

    4    Lead the ride 

 a    Before the ride: 

•    Print and bring copies of the Cue Sheets with your cell phone number 

•    Bring the Rider List / Release Form along with a pen. Have riders enter their cell phone number and bring it with you on the ride. (You should get one in your newsletter or you can print one off at the web site: 

•    If possible bring some extra water and snacks 

•    Bring a cell phone if you have one for emergencies. 

 b    At the start of the ride: 

•    Show up 15 minutes early & don’t leave until about 10-15 minutes after the start time. 

•    Welcome the people and have them introduce themselves. 

•    Have them fill out the Rider List & Release form with their cell phone number & hand out Cue sheets 

•    Describe the ride (Difficulty, speed, duration, regrouping if any, lunch and water locations) 

•    Assign a sweep. 

 •    Give the riders a short Safety discussion 

    a    Everyone needs a helmet 

    b    Follow rules of the road (stop signs, traffic lights ...) 

    c    Ride single file except off-road or on-road with no traffic 

    d    Keep a safe distance 

    e    Signal road hazards 

    f    Water and snacks are important. If you have brought any extras see if anyone needs them. 

    c    On the ride 

    •    Keep to pace listed & regroup occasionally and keep a headcount 

    •    Stop for lunch or snacks. 

    •    Have riders let you know if they want to ride ahead. Try to assign and experienced rider to go with them. 

    •    In case of accident stay with the rider if at all possible. Call or send others for help with time, location & accident description. Have them report back. 

    d    After the ride 

• Let them know about the SCCC club. Invite them to join & hand out cards if you have them.

5. Follow up

    a    Complete and return Rider List / Sign up Sheet 

    b    See how easy. Now Plan your NEXT ride ! 

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